How to Minister in
Times of Crisis

How to Minister in
Times of Crisis

How to Minister in
Times of Crisis

storms of life seminars

What does a chaplain really do? Join or watch our free seminars on crisis care to get an introduction to the various issues and scenarios that chaplains deal with. You can also learn some tips and guidelines that can help you respond appropriately when a crisis happens in your family, church, or community.

How to Help People Navigate the Storms of Life

Stress comes from many sources and it is no respecter of persons. Everyone has stressors in their lives, whether it be natural disasters, a cancer diagnosis, or the interpersonal dynamics of holiday gatherings. Learn how to help people deal with stress in this free seminar.


What are your beliefs and ideas about suicide?
In this free suicideTALK seminar, crisis care expert Ken Schlenker will help you gain a better understanding of suicide and learn how to help make your community suicide-safe.

Christian Crisis Care

If you are a ministry leader seeking to begin the process of developing crisis response teams in your church, this seminar is for you. Sr. Chaplain Shelly Hutchins Pinomaki and Sr. Chaplain Ken Schlenker introduce guidelines on how to provide appropriate care to people in crisis.

Crisis Impact on Individuals
and Organizations

A discussion on the impact of crisis on individuals and organizations and an introduction to the core elements of emotional first aid.

Strategic Response
to Crisis

A brief introduction to gain an understanding of how to assess a crisis and the effects it has on individuals.

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Non-Degree Offerings

In partnership with Grace Center for Spiritual Development, we offer non-degree trainings and workshops to help you gain practical secular skills that are needed to provide appropriate care for people in crisis.

A Ministry of Purpose, Presence, Peace

Chaplaincy is a bridge ministry.
It is the bridge between the sacred and the secular,
between care and missions.

Why Chaplaincy?

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