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The Uniqueness of Christ

What makes Christ unique and how does Christ’s uniqueness impact our lives today?

He is Risen

What does the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ mean to us today?

Book of Ruth

When we are lost and needing to be found, what does our good God say to us?

Strong at the Broken Places

When life breaks us, what does God do to bring strength and beauty out of our brokenness?

Songs of Praise

When you find yourself in a seemingly impossible situation with no help, no hope and no way out, what do you do?

A Life of Glory

How do others see God’s glory in us, and how can we express His glory to the fullest?


First Steps to Sexual Purity

Can a believer experience sexual purity when everything around him says to indulge and enjoy it? The Bible says yes! Take the first steps to sexual purity through this booklet based on the book Stormproof Men, written by Dr. Roger Fankhauser, Adjunct Faculty at Grace School of Theology and President of the Free Grace Alliance.


Eternal Security

What does the Bible say about the security of our salvation? If you are unsure about your security in Christ, find answers in this booklet written by Dr. Dave Anderson, Founder, President, and Professor of Systematic Theology and Biblical Languages at Grace School of Theology.


Grace. Simple. Profound.

Grace is the greatest gift ever offered to all. Jesus paid the full price to grant you life, forgiveness and redemption. This is grace. This book, provided by Grace friend Ptr. Scot Pollok of Faith Bible Church, aims to start you on a journey of understanding grace in its simplicity and also in its wondrous depth.

The Right Time

How will you prepare to celebrate the birth of the Savior of the World this year? In this advent devotional by Mark Rae, Executive Director of the Grace Center for Spiritual Development, we will be looking at five people (or groups of people) who were present for the coming of Jesus, and we will look at how they prepared for His arrival.

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