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Beyond the Classroom

Our Vision

To develop spiritual leaders in every nation who can teach others about the love of Christ, a love that cannot be earned and cannot be lost.

What We Offer

The Grace Center for Spiritual Development provides a variety of exciting ways for you to engage with God’s Word and to be trained and equipped to be a spiritual leader in your sphere of influence.

Use our multiple levels of learning to bring the Bible alive.

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Who We Are

Grace Center for Spiritual Development is an extension of Grace School of Theology which is an evangelical Christian institution of higher learning and has as its purpose the offering of programs of study in an environment where academic excellence is emphasized and a biblically based perspective is maintained. Grace is committed to enriching its students spiritually, intellectually, and professionally, and to preparing students to serve God in a global and culturally diverse society. Find out more at gsot.edu.

Mark Rae

Mark Rae

Executive Director, Grace Center for Spiritual Development

Mark Rae holds an MA degree in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary and a Master of Divinity degree from Grace School of Theology. He spent half of his career in sales and marketing and the other half in church and para-church ministry as an Associate Pastor, COO of an evangelistic ministry, Executive Director of a discipleship ministry and Lead Minister.

Currently he serves as Vice President of Community Development with Grace School of Theology and is Executive Director of Grace Center for Spiritual Development. Mark is married to Melissa and they have two grown children, Ryan and Sean, and four grandchildren.

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