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Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies (BABS)

The BABS program at Grace School of Theology is designed to provide a deeper knowledge of the Bible and systematic theology as well as ministry skills. The curriculum leading to the BABS degree is a 120-unit course of instruction designed to develop Christian character, a sound knowledge of the English Bible, and the skills appropriate for ministry in a local church, mission field, or other Christian ministry.


Download our Undergraduate Program Guide for the full breakdown of courses and more information.


Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies (BABS) – 120 Credit Hours

The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies is a Degree Completion Program meaning that Grace expects students to complete their General Education requirements (36 hours) either at Grace School of Theology or at another higher educational institution. In addition to the 36 hours of General Education credits, 84 hours will be completed at Grace School of Theology for a total of 120 credits.


BABS Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the DBS Program, the student will be able to:

  1. Express a general knowledge of the books of the Bible, including key individuals, major events, and historical settings.
  2. Articulate a synthesis of every major category of systematic theology.
  3. Exegete and apply Scripture using inductive methods and principles of literal-grammatical-historical principles of interpretation.
  4. Communicate biblical truth clearly and effectively.
  5. Relate effectively as a servant-leader in a local church or parachurch setting.
  6. Understand and articulate the Grace principles of progressive sanctification in life and ministry.
Summary of Disciplines Within Each Undergraduate Program
DisciplineBiblical Studies Certificate (BSC)Diploma in Biblical Studies (DBS)AA in Biblical Studies (AABS)BA in Biblical Studies (BABS)
Foundational Core12121212
Bible Exposition6271227
Systematic Theology612620
Ministry Skills210410
General Education--1830
Total Credits306161120